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Learning comes first


We provide tailored Corporate Academy for your sales force training, as well as for the induction of your new employees, or the development of your existing team.

We offer a range of services that can help you with onboarding, induction, team-building, development, team-learning and coaching..

Public Authorities

By 2025, 50% of the workforce will need reskilling while 40% current core skills are expected to change. The challenges arising from the digital transition can be met only with a new lifewide learning culture.

Citizens require new basic digital skills and digital learning platforms may support public authorities to match the demand for life skills.

Technical Training

Technical or soft skills? At basic or specialised level? Skills are the currency of the labour market as change is happening everyday, at an increasingly higher pace.

Our learning solutions are designed to complement traditional training, by providing hands-on immersive experience, that can be delivered anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


No-profit vs. for purpose, as someone says. Non formal and informal learning has the potential to transform the way we live, contribute to our sense of belonging, catalise our actions toward important societal objectives and missions.

Green transition for instance is today our priority and digital tools are here to support our efforts for a better world.

European Projects

Digital Twin on Smart Manufacturing

Integrating digital twin technology into the manufacturing sector


Empowering VET teachers to integrate AI in female-dominated vocations from an entrepreneurial perspective

Game of Change

A revolutionary approach for educators and trainers blending mindfulness, change management, and creativity.

Game on - Level Up!

Cutting-Edge Gamification skills in VET


Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training


Front DESK Reception upSkilling, Exchange and Training in lifelong career guidance.


Linking space components for a skilled society


Promoting sustainable, inclusive and digital Vocational Education and Training


Reshaping the TOURism Industry


Skills in the circular economy

VET loves Food

Rethink Reduce Reuse – VET loves Food


Igniting Entrepreneurial Excellence Across Europe!

TFIT on EPALE: Train for International Trail

Start your travels confident. Train for your International adventure through real-life-like games.


Enhancing access to vocational education and training (VET) in Europe.

IDC-VET: Improving Digital Competence

Improve Digital Competences of VET Teachers and Trainers

Keep in Pact

Keep innovation in multi partnership cooperation in lifelong career guidance services

Learn from anywhere.

Today’s learning happens in a variety of forms and we’ve got them all covered.

Our videoconferencing allows for rich face-to-face interactions with full integration with your favourite LMS.

Live events & gamification guarantee an invigorating learning experience.

Interactive learning objects offer immersive and rewarding experiences.


learning solutions in digital environments
At Learningdigital we develop learning solutions in digital environments, from design to delivery, for online and blended learning. We are committed to providing high quality digital solutions that are engaging, interactive and fun.


Integration and reporting with your favourite LMS
Video conferencing is the new normal in education. We support you with videoconferencing services that are fully integrated with your learning environment, including Moodle – the world’s most popular Learning Management System.


Audio & video productions

Videos are the best way to communicate.

We combine video production with a variety of video languages, including photography, illustrations, animations, and more to create videos and multimedia productions that are both engaging and communicative.

Live Events

Connect with your audience
Event management can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

We allow you to organise your event, make connections with your audience, and build a community.

Our platform includes event registration, networking, and managing automatic communication with attendees.
You can use our event management software to manage both your online and hybrid events.


Improve your users' experiences
Game design techniques and challenge-based education help users to learn more effectively.
Gamification increases engagement, learning success rates and improves users’ experiences.

Introduce gamified processes in learning and boost retention at work.

Add gamification when you Learn, Work, Perform

Virtual Tours

Interactive and Immersive experience
VR is changing the way we learn and interact with the world.
VR has the potential to revolutionize how we experience entertainment, travel, and even how to collaborate with others.
We believe VR is poised to be a breakthrough technology that will change the training world as we know it – for the better.

Web Dev

Web development, Web Apps, Surveys
No worries about your new web application. We look after design, coding, and marketing.
We build your custom web application in order to suit your needs, and exceed your expectations.

How to generate value together?

Let’s discuss how our actions and projects may converge, how to become partners, how to innovate and generate value, together.

How to generate value together?

Let’s discuss how our actions and projects may converge, how to become partners, how to innovate and generate value, together.
The future belongs to those who can learn digital
- so what are you waiting for?
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