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Keep in Pact

Keep innovation in multi partnership cooperation in lifelong career guidance services

Learningdigital’s partnership with KeepinPact exemplifies a resounding success story in digital education.

The project’s mission “KEEP INnovation in multi PArtnership CooperaTion in lifelong guidance services” combines two important facets, Life lifelong learning and establishing an international ecosystem in the counselling sector. The 6 partners making this initiative happened are located in 5 European countries.

Overall, the main objectives of this project are to develop competencies of multi-partnership management
function among professionals working in lifelong career guidance services and develop an innovative ecosystem approach.

So, what were the outputs? Apart from the increase in stakeholder’s cooperation in lifelong learning guidance, we delivered a practical toolkit. This toolkit contains mutual learning and training activities. Therefore, we also introduced non-formal validation of skills. Last but not least we have built a European Community of Practitioners, connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, policymakers, career counsellors and many other sectors.

Who benefits? The project’s target audience is VET students, teachers, and trainers. Indirectly a broader audience, such as policymakers and the overall community is reached. Dissemination of the results is done via the website, multi-partner events and various other social media activities.

Learningdigital worked on the development of the e-learning platform, on the methodologies for e-learning and the development of OER resources.

For all enquiries, please contact us.

Look at the website for the results.