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Empowering VET teachers to integrate AI in female-dominated vocations from an entrepreneurial perspective

EMPOWERAI is dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs and VET teachers in leveraging AI through comprehensive online training.

Learningdigital partners with other European partners from Finland, Ireland and Greece. All in experts in the field of VET and/or with expertise in digital education.

Our objectives are twofold. In general, to raise awareness of AI’s business benefits. Secondly, to impart knowledge on its ethical integration and management of associated risks, specifically tailored for female entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the tools facilitate informed decision-making in AI adoption, ensuring competitiveness in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

Implementation involves collaborative efforts, utilizing transnational meetings and online platforms to develop user-friendly, sustainable deliverables. Last but not least, a transnational training event will further validate and disseminate project outcomes, fostering long-term utilization by target stakeholders.

Anticipated results include the EMPOWER AI Compendium and online training courses. It will proof that female entrepreneurs and VET teachers can embrace AI confidently. It aims to contribute to a major change that AI will be recognized as a supportive ally rather than a risk.

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