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Game on - Level Up!

Cutting-Edge Gamification skills in VET

Game On – Level Up! is a partnership project aimed at boosting pedagogical gamification skills among teaching staff using cutting-edge digital technologies.

Six European based partners working together to promote awareness of the realm of new learning opportunities.

The objective is to promote with deeds that you can craft captivating and motivational learning materials. These material are suitable for any learner levels. Leveraging gamification, especially VR and immersive technologies, fosters learner-centered content.

The project revolves around developing six virtual educational games focused on refining students’ soft and transversal skills. Additionally, it encompasses workshops to accelerate game development and piloting, culminating in a training toolkit for novice game developers.

Dissemination efforts ensure the sustainability of project outcomes, including a gamification toolbox, six serious educational games, and a piloting program, fostering digital courage and pedagogical adeptness among educators.

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