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Linking space components for a skilled society

Space technologies are evolving fast, and new skills are needed to adapt to this changing environment.
SpaceSUITE develops a program and innovative learning platform with a mid- and long-term view. The vision is to supply skills and curricula to employers in the downstream European aerospace and defense ecosystem.

The consortium of partners is a large impressive network. Already 28 partners, including 3 affiliated entities, from Academia, VET providers, associations of governments, and representatives of industry companies are supporting this initiative.

So, what are the expected results? SpaceSUITE will develop education and training activities for HE and VET for upskilling and reskilling. The target audience is professionals, entrepreneurs, graduates and students, which are central in the EU Space Programme. In particular the project builds on the success, and experience of EO4GEO, updating the body of knowledge of Earth Observation and Geo-information, expanding it to the fields of Positioning Navigation and Timing and Satellite Communication.

Learningdigital is proud to be involved in the development of the course and training material. Strong focus goes to developing an Open Space Academia, creating a Body of Knowledge and long-term sector skill strategy.

For all enquiries, please contact us.