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Game of Change

A revolutionary approach for educators and trainers blending mindfulness, change management, and creativity.

Theory U from Otto Scharmer is one of the main motivating actors why the project is so important. Theory U talks about the unwanted results that we have created through our behaviour as individuals in society. It creates ecological, social and spiritual divide.

This strong European partnership of 5 experienced organisations in the VET sector drives this project to improve the unwanted situation we have created. The project is introducing a Game of Change by means of a:

  • Comprehensive manual offering in-depth guidance for implementing the Game of Change
  • Interactive card set designed to facilitate change processes in vulnerable groups

Dissemination of the above will be done by organising a:

  • Train the Trainer curriculum to educate and empower multipliers of the Game of Change
  • Pilot implementation in adult education settings, followed by finalization and widespread dissemination of project outcomes

Learningdigital is instrumental in the Instructional Design and the serious game development.

For further enquiries, please contact us.