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Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training

This project fills a gap in the labour market of the EU. Industry partners require more targeted skills and competences. Hence, the project’s acronym stands for Microcredentials And Guidance on Industry 4.0 Competencies.

This partnership consist of two industry partners together with 2 vocational education and training (VET) expert organisations. The lead partner is ASSOCAM SCUOLA CAMERANA with extensive experience in work-based learning and technical skills.

Therefore, the objective is to establish specific ecosystems of micro-credentials tailored to the needs of each partners. This involves developing a comprehensive model for supporting micro-credentials, ensuring portability, quality assurance, and relevance.

In summary, the project produces a set of operational micro-credentials. Furthermore, Data will be collected and analyzed to encourage the uptake of micro-credentials by public and private stakeholders. Also, it will develop an robust operational method to establish transferable and recognised micro-credentials.

So, how do we ensure a long-term gain? The project will disseminate its findings through various channels, including conferences, workshops, and publications. Stakeholder engagement will be emphasized to ensure widespread awareness and adoption of the developed micro-credential models.

Learningdigital focusses on the creation of digital platforms and networks, promoting the benefits of micro-credentials for upskilling and workforce development across Europe.

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