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Igniting Entrepreneurial Excellence Across Europe!

Learningdigital as an expert in adult learning collaborated to develop ENTRnet. It is part of the European Competence Framework (ENTREComp) that enforces entrepreneurial adult learning.

The ENTRNet Project is co-funded by the European Erasmus programme and 8 partners between Italy, Greece, Belgium and Romania, with 9 associated partners supporting ENTRNet projects. 

The outputs:

  1. We cultivate Entrepreneurial Spirit – We improve learner’s capabilities to provide all young adults with high-quality entrepreneurial education
  2. We foster Collaboration – We facilitate connections among entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and industry experts.
  3. We promote Innovation – We provide resources to fuel innovative ideas that drive economic growth and societal impact.
  4. We enhance Competencies – We offer comprehensive training and development programs to enhance entrepreneurial competencies and skills.

We disseminate valuable insights, success stories, and resources to inspire and support entrepreneurs across Europe.

Learning Digital designed and developed the e-learning platform. We researched and applied the correct methodology for e-learning. Moreover, the courses are an Educational Open Resource. Free for everyone. We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and dissemination to empower entrepreneurs and catalyze growth.

For all enquiries, please contact us.

Start or change your career by logging onto ENTRnet!