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Academy for Sustainable Cities

Discover the Sustainable Cities Academy: Empowering Tomorrow's Urban Innovators!

Learningdigital has worked with the Academy for Sustainable Cities to co-develop and implement their digital learning strategy. It is part of the #IOLABUTTOLÌ anti-littering campaign.

The campaign is supported by a great network of public administrators with the support and sponsorship of Italian Ministries (i.e. MIT, MTE, ANCI, ASVIS, NEB) to deliver online open courses, videos, and challenge-based training with the Citta’ Sostenibili Academy.

At Sustainable Cities Academy, our primary objective is to empower individuals passionate about sustainable urban development. We aim to educate, inspire, connect and empower our audience.

Results: Through our interactive online courses and resources, learners gain:

      • In-depth understanding of sustainable urban development principles.

      • Practical skills in urban planning, green infrastructure, renewable energy, and more.

      • Insights into successful case studies and best practices from around the world.

      • Networking opportunities with industry experts and fellow learners.

      • Micro-credentials validate their expertise and enhance their career prospects.

    Dissemination: We believe in spreading knowledge far and wide to maximize our impact. Through our platform, social media channels, and partnerships, we disseminate valuable insights, success stories, and resources to inspire and empower individuals and communities globally.

    Learningdigital provides an innovative approach to the design and build of the learning hub and course environment providing a visual and interactive learning experience.

    For all enquiries, please contact us!